Our Bed Wetting Solution

Bed wetting was a huge point of contention in our house..for YEARS!

Potty training went extremely well for each of my boys. I casually introduced training at the age of 2 and by 2.5 years old each had the duty mastered. Pull-ups were used briefly for night insurance which was easy sailing for 2 of my 3 children.

However, one of my children was a deep sleeper thus a long-term bed wetter. We always discussed the issue with sensitivity and avoided a sharp tongue as frustrating as it became.

We did EVERYTHING we knew to correct nighttime bed wetting.

  • Go potty immediately before bed
  • Moved bedtime to a later time
  • Eliminated after dinner liquids
  • Potty breaks at 11pm and 3am (exhausting)
              NOTHING WORKED!

    Nighttime showers and sheet changes were exhausting and trying to change top bunk bed sheets was awful and even more frustrating when I was VERY pregnant.

    We switched him down to the lower bunk bed to make nights easier on us. Then, we resorted to Pull-ups which were, expensive and embarrassing, but our way of securing desperate sleep.

    You know how one issue causes another? This one also came with a secondary issue causing BAD rashes.

    I knew I had to seek further help. Our doctor confirmed bed wetting is often an inherited condition that is cured with age. We choose not to medicate. We were right back where we started – discouraged!

    I expressed my frustration with my girlfriend who surprisingly shared how an enuresis alarm CURED her son. I HAD HOPE! Her client offered to RENT me an alarm, for 30 days, for a fraction of the $100 new price tag (BEST MONEY EVER SPENT). This is the Malem Bed wetting Alarm we used complete with sound, vibration & light. I had concerns using a used alarm but was reassured that properly cleaning it with alcohol would sanitize it. Try searching for used alarms on Ebay, Craig’s List and at Mom to Mom sales.

    The alarm attaches to the outside of the pajama shirt and the wire sensor clips to the underwear and alarms when the pad senses moisture. It is a training device to alert the child of a full bladder.

    I was excited and anxious to try it out our first night.

    Night one: Did the alarm effectively wake my son?
    Heartbreaking, NO!
    Because from that first day of using it until Day 30 and to this day (years later), he has not had one nighttime accident. Unbelievable! (Doing running cartwheels through the house with joy)

    I believe his bed time issue was psychological and the alarm was simply an aid in helping him get through this. Why, I don’t understand. I am just elated and overjoyed for him that it worked, perhaps not the intended way, but I attest it CURED him.

    Here are some other tips that worked for us:

    Approaching a sleepover:
    We never turned down a sleepover due to bed wetting.
    I worked privately with the parents to ensure he could change into PJs right before bedtime. He brought his backpack into the bathroom for privacy. The parent showed him where to discreetly discard the used Pull-up the next morning. If he wasn’t able to dispose of it for some reason, he could double bag it and bring it home in his backpack. Sleepovers only worked because my awesome friends were so accommodating.

    Quick middle of the night sheet changes:
    I use to do this in the baby’s crib and it also worked for bed wetting at night. I always had a waterproof pad protector under the sheets; however, when I was very pregnant or very tired with a newborn, I often double sheeted the bed with a waterproof pad protector in between sheets. This way if I had to strip a bed, I had clean sheets and a pad underneath. As my son aged, he was able to remove sheets himself without waking us.

    I wish bed wetting was discussed more openly because I know many parents and children are suffering through nighttime. I never heard of an enuresis alarm before. I am forever grateful to my girlfriend for our conversation that day – our lives changed for the better! Thank you my friend — muah!

    I encourage you to give this method a try. I encourage you to discuss the issues with your friends. It may change your child’s nights FOREVER or it may change your friend’s child’s nights FOREVER!

        Wishing families with bed wetting issues peaceful nights!
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