Ding Dong on a Stick (Hockey Puck Snack)

Ding Dongs on a stick for a creative school birthday treat!

My son requested Hockey Puck Cake Pops, Bakerella style, but my improvising took less time and with great results!


  • Dip the end of a lollipop stick in melted milk chocolate, insert about 1/4 of the way into a Ding Dong. Let set.
  • With a chocolate writer, pipe their birthday number on the front of the Ding Dong. Let set.
  • Wrap each Ding Dong in a cellophane bag and secure with a ribbon.

    My son took these for his pre-school birthday treat. He said, “Mom, all of the kids want the recipe!” The teacher said the snack was a huge hit because most of the pre-schoolers never had a Ding Dong before. Score!

    See how I decorated the same treat for the end of the season hockey party here by adding a jersey number and attaching a personalized photo tag.

    Note – I tried dipping the Ding Dong in black chocolate to create a more authentic hockey puck; however, it becomes too heavy and breaks off the stick.

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    1. These are so cute! I am going to make these for my son’s birthday treat this month. Thanks for the inspiration!

    2. Yay! Thanks for the kind words!

    3. I made these the other day for the neighborhood kids. I didn’t write on them but they still turned out cute. The kids really enjoyed eating them on a stick and I became the neighborhood cool mom!!! Super cute idea that didn’t take long at all. Thanks for sharing!

    4. These are adorable and I’m making them right now for my sons birthday party, but what is a chocolate writer? I tried using frosting but it won’t set… Do they sell a chocolate writer at the store? Please help!


      • Chocolate writers can be purchased at some grocery stores as well as cake decorating stores. They come in small tubes that need to be warmed up in order to write. I have also put melted chocolate in a plastic bottle with a fine tip attachment and that works equally as well. Chocolate sets nicely for these. I hope yours ended up turning out. Let me know.


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