April Fool’s Day Prank on the Kids

I kept hearing rumblings of secret ways the kids have been planning on fooling mom on April Fool’s Day. So I knew I had to beat ‘em to the punch.

One child fell for it and was hopping in the shower saying, “Wow, I’m really tired this morning!” Got him! He was a good sport in the middle of the night! (giggle)

The other child was way too coherent at 1am saying, ”April Fool’s,” and rolled over! Stinker, he’s no fun.

Now, I have to be on guard!

How do you prank your kids celebrate April Fool’s Day?


  1. Brilliant! I love it! I left a note on my husbands windshield saying “Hey, I hit your truck but I was in a big hurry and I didn’t see any damage. Sorry, here is my number if you need to. -Joe 555-555-5555″ It was great!

  2. Just ran across your April Fool’s note and thought you’d enjoy reading what my cousin’s daughters did on April 1–

    “Ok, this April Fools thing is outta hand. Krissy replaced cream in all the Oreos with toothpaste, hid ALL my LEFT shoes, relocated my coffee, hid remote controls… you get the picture. Just remember my sweet… payback is HE__…. and I’m home ALL day while you’re at school!”

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