Empowering Kids With “Out of the Box”Chores | Coffee Maker Aficionado

Empowering kids through chores is really good for their character and someday their spouse will thank you!

My husband wishes I had childhood chores -lol!

Starting kids young with chores will make the “double-digit” years easier on parents as kids know that being a part of a family means that it requires participation on all levels, including chores.

My oldest automatically makes his bed every morning, all on his own, because he has been doing it since he was 4 years old.

A smart way to get kids excited about chores is to think outside of the box when delegating chores?

I recently observed a 1st grader setting up the coffee pot for his parents for the next morning. Genius, I never thought of that ~ definitely an ‘out of the box’ assignment! Kids can do so many things if given the opportunity and empowerment! So when I presented the new “Coffee Maker Aficionado” title to my 9-year-old, he geeked with excitement and got to work! Now that’s the reaction we want! Every night after kitchen clean up, he sets up our coffee pot for the next morning.

To create a successful “Coffee Maker Aficionado” in your house here are some helpful hints:

•Start with explaining the parts of the coffee maker.
•Make coffee grounds and filters easily accessible.
•Proper tools are required — a good coffee scoop will aid in perfect measuring.
•Measuring coffee grounds takes math skills. You WILL know if they measured wrong!
•Coffee ground messes get less and less; teach why wiping grounds onto the floor isn’t a good idea!
•Kids love using water! A pull out faucet is a cinch for them to fill the coffee water reservoir!
•Do not fill with hot water!
•Show them the hole at the top of the water reservoir and explain to them about the mess they will create if overfilled!
•If it’s a digital coffee maker, teach how the buttons work so they can set it for delay brew! You WILL know if they didn’t press the button!
•Finally, teach how to clean the coffee maker in case they find the user left a half-full pot and used grounds from the morning (gasp).
As always, keep your children safe with adult supervision and safety measures!

I have an extraordinary “Coffee Maker Aficionado!” He feels empowered making something directly for us parents. Kids love to please their parents. At the very least he has an edge up on a future Starbucks job –lol!

I am kind to remind him almost every morning how much I enjoy his coffee! Seriously, life doesn’t get better than empowering your child AND having coffee made for you!

BTW, I checked the coffee pot on the ‘eve’ of April Fool’s Day. I thought for sure that “coffee gone wrong” would be the first place they would prank me!

Do you have an “out of the box chore” to share?

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