Chocolate Covered Rice Krispie Treat Sleeping Bags

Rice Krispie treats can be made into anything—like sleeping bags! They will make your next sleepover a smashing success!

Make a batch of Rice Krispie treats according to the recipe.

  • Press into a 9×13 pan
  • When slightly cooled (so they are still pliable), cut into 9 rectangles
  • Remove from pan
  • Turn each rectangle UPSIDE DOWN! This will help achieve a flatter surface area free of lumps
  • Using a sharp knife, slice into the center of one corner & peel back to create open sleeping bag
  • If the sleeping bag is not a perfect rectangle, now it the time to trim and form into shape
  • A spatula, used for trim work, works best for straight lines
  • Repeat for all rectangles
  • I love how they look without chocolate. However, if you want to be more creative and have a lot of time on your side, then you can take it up a notch and coat with chocolate.

    Coating the sleeping bags with chocolate!
    The amount of chocolate needed varies depending upon thickness of chocolate applied. I recommend at least 14oz of each color; however, I always error on the side of caution and would purchase 28 oz of chocolate just for the body of the bag in case it is put on thick. I experimented with many different chocolate combinations so I don’t have actual measurements.

    Two ways to cover the body of the sleeping bag:
    1.Put melted chocolate in a squeezable bottle and evenly pipe chocolate on the Rice Krispie Treats smoothing out chocolate with the tip.

      Advantage: the bottom of the sleeping bag is free of chocolate
      Disadvantage: time consuming

    2. With a spoon, drizzle melted chocolate over the body of the sleeping bag and spread with the spoon covering all outside edges except for the inside of the sleeping bag.

      Advantage: no bottle to clean/quick to apply
      Disadvantage: the bottom of the sleeping bag often becomes a chocolate mess and hardens to the plate. If this happens, gently remove the treat from the plate with a spatula or sharp knife but be careful not to crack the sleeping bag.

    Covering up the cereal is the most important aspect and a smooth presentation is unattainable — there will be pot holes and bumpy areas. Tip -fill pot holes with extra chocolate.

    Let chocolate set!

    Using a second flavor of chocolate, pipe or spoon it into the open part of the sleeping bag for contrast carefully covering best you can.

    Let chocolate set!

    Use a chocolate writer or a fine tip attachment on a squeezable bottle with melted chocolate inside to jazz them up with your sleepover theme and customize with guests names! Candy, sprinkles, colored sugars or anything in your pantry can be used to create! Possibilities are endless!

    Beware….make a double batch because they will disappear before the party begins!


    1. I love these sleeping bag treats. They’d be perfect for a sleep over. :) Thanks for sharing this.

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    2. What a cute idea! Such a fun “favor” for a slumber party. A treat with each girl’s name on it would be very cool.


    3. These are adorable, and what little girl doesn’t like rice Krispie treats. Very fun!!

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    4. Those are very cute! I’m a new follower and look forward to seeing more.

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