Citrus Shark Lemonade Tank

My kids got their hands juicy all in the name of Lemonade Day! The event, the first in our city, allowed our family to become closer in the kitchen and on the sales floor. The kids had great ideas and I had fun helping them execute their brilliance!

Here is their marketing plan…

Catch a wave and surf up to Vince & Joe’s Gourmet Market for an exclusive visit to the Citrus Shark Lemonade Tank. Avid anglers, better known as the Fishing Team, will be delighting shoppers with their super secret gourmet lemonade recipe using Vince & Joe’s finest quality lemons! In addition to serving up Citrus Shark Lemonade straight from the shark tank, they will be selling handmade fishing lures for the toughest of anglers, rookies, and even those who squirm at the thought of baiting a hook! First come, first serve to get hooked on a cup of Citrus Shark Lemonade as well as a Citrus Shark Fishing Lure! Free samples of Lemonade and fish stories available! One per customer please. LOOK FOR US BEHIND THE WATERMELONS OUT FRONT! Since you’ll already be at Vince & Joe’s be sure to bring your grocery list!

It was a first for our family to purchase a case of lemons! We spent the better part of one day making homemade lemonade by squeezing 75 lemons by hand! I think they learned a ton about running a business, it’s HARD work, and they understand supply vs. demand a little better now! I also think they understand that learning to get along with others isn’t just a childhood thing…it carries on throughout the rest of their lives!

Here is our Lemonade Day fun in pictures…..


  1. You’re family did such a nice job with this! I totally love your set-up!

  2. Julie M. says:

    Wow, I love your pictures! They are beautiful!

  3. Courtney Moore says:

    Thanks for sharing your Lemonade Day. I think we might have to join in the fun next year!

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