DIY Kids First Aid Bike Kit

This DIY Kids First Aid Bike Kit came out of necessity with my children. Time and time again we have been on a bike ride when one of my kids crash and burn causing bloody knees and hands when we are just a bit too far from home. How does one carry a crying child and two bikes back home? So I’ve learned to pack a first aid kit to help those cuts & scrapes, on the spot, hoping it’s just enough for them bike back home.

I up cycled an older Band-aid box (they used to be plastic) that I saved. Look around your house to find a container small enough to fit in a bike bag yet big enough to hold these first aid contents:

  • Band-aids
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Neosporin
  • Gauze Pads
  • Tissues (to wipe tears)
  • Wet-ones (to wipe dirty hands after falling or greasy hands after fixing a bike chain)
  • Money (just in case a Slurpee or ice cream crosses the bike path)

    I used scrap wrapping paper, cut to size, and glued on the top and bottom of the container with a glue stick to make it a pretty first-aid kit.

    Not interested in making it pretty? A Ziploc does the trick too.

    How many times have you been caught on a bike ride with a scraped up child?

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    1. Theresa G. says:

      You know how many times I have carried a bike home because of a skinned knee! I’m going to find a similar container & gather these things before we ride again! Thanks!

    2. So cute & easy. I’m going to make one with my daughter. Thanks for the inspiration!

    3. Great idea! Can’t wait to make one of these with my kids.

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