DIY Bug Jars

Our adorable DIY Bug Jars never have a vacancy! My boys are constantly filling them with little creatures; in fact, we had to add more bug jars to our collection because they just keep find more & more little guests.

You can fashion your own DIY Bug Jar in minutes! It only requires three items that you probably already have lying around the house!

1. Mason jar (any size) with ring lid or see thru plastic container with lid (like the ones that hold pasta at the deli)
2. Left over screening scraps
3. Glue gun

  • Pre-heat your glue gun so it is ready to go. This project goes quick!
  • If you’re using a mason jar you will only need the ring lid, not the seal.
  • If you’re using a plastic deli container, you have to cut a circle in the lid. Place a drinking glass (with a smaller diameter then the lid) on top of the lid, trace around the glass with a pen and cut out the circle.
  • Cut a scrap piece of screen that you may have left over from re-screening your storm doors, to the same size as the diameter of your lid. I carefully held the lid on the screen and cut around the outside diameter. Ninja cutting skills, I know. Not perfect but it does the job. Please don’t trace around the lid on the screen with a permanent marker. It will leave a dotted circle on your work surface, just sayin’, and I won’t tell you how I know this! Older kids can cut out their own screen circles!
  • Test the size to make sure it fits properly inside the lid and trim if necessary.
  • Quickly run a strip of glue on the inside rim of the lid.
  • QUICKLY press the screen inside the lid running your finger around the diameter to ensure it adheres. Add more glue to spots if needed. The glue hardens so quickly that I also ran a light strip of glue right on the screen and pressed down again. Careful the glue is hot — this step should not be done by children!
  • If you found that you didn’t work quickly enough, peel the hardened glue off and re-apply.
  • My fabulous neighbor, who is a wealth of knowledge about living creatures, has a plastic deli container for her kid’s buggy house guests. At the time I didn’t have a plastic deli container and that’s when I decided to use my mason jars. If you’re afraid for your kids to be handling glass mason jars, the plastic deli container is the way to go!

    We have a bug house that cost $15 from the store & sadly it falls apart all the time allowing the creatures to escape. These jars will last longer than our store bought house, creatures will not escape unless you want them to and the price is right. We release all of our creatures at the end of the day (except for those times that we forget :/).

    These jars also make perfect party favors for a ladybug or insect party! Stick a beautiful label on the front thanking the guest for attending their party! Fill with plastic bug rings, gummy worms, or even the real deal if you dare!


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