Guest Post: Death of Summer

I took this picture up north at Nana & Papa’s. Summer was dying and I was in mourning. As I sat staring at the flip flops you wore quite literally all summer, I realized another year of your life was coming to an end.

Sometimes I have to shield my heart to the pain of watching you grow. I must at times be in denial to that inevitable growth that leads you farther away from me. Sometimes it is simply more than I can bear.

Chris is an amazing wife and loving mother to two gorgeous girls, ages 6 and 9. She is one of the most generous people you will meet! She is a talented writer, artistically creative, and an avid runner! She is pursuing her dream to become an RN and will accomplish her goal in less than a year. With her intense studying, working part-time, and parenting, her desire to make her dream come true makes her admired by so many. She is a role model to her children and an inspiration to her friends!

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