DIY Jet Packs

Happy Halloween from my lil’ Future Soldiers!

My kids have imaginative ideas how they think technology will change what soldiers use in the future to defend our country thus the name of their costumes — Future Soldiers.

DIY Jet Packs were the best way I could depict their idea and they are crazy about it. There are all kinds of DIY Jet Packs on the web but the one I used is from Pinterest.

Here’s our behind the scenes look at how I spray painted the Sprite bottles. You can use any brand pop bottle but I like the shape of the Sprite bottles.

It is easy and requires little money to create. I like that. The 1 liter bottles were perfect for my younger son and I found that the smaller jet pack had less issue staying together with hot glue. My older son carried 2 liter bottles as they are more proportionate to his body size.

The bottles are simply hot glued onto felt. I created felt straps so the pack could be removeable from their costume.

I used left over tissue paper to create the flames. I used a rubber band to secure the tissue paper together and then hot glued it into the bottle opening.

I think the jet packs will be well used even after Halloween is over. Happy Halloween!


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