Turkey Cupcakes

For the kids…
For the crowd…
For the bake sale…
For the Thanksgiving Day table…
For the everyday…

Turkey Cupcakes!

Simply adding a chocolate embellishment takes “normal” cupcakes to “wow” cupcakes.
I got the idea from Betty Crocker. She is a doll;)

Bake cupcakes straight from the box – yes box!
Let cool. For hours. For a day. Overnight if you want.

Pipe canned frosting – yes canned – onto the cupcakes.
I use a pastry bag and extra, extra large frosting tip
to create a swirl top of frosting.
Again, walk away from them for awhile cause
the house and kids are demanding!

Melt a handful of chocolate candy melts in microwave until smooth – 30-60 secs.
Pour in plastic bottle with a fine tip.

Quickly pipe “turkey feathers” with melted chocolate on silpat or wax paper.
Making quick “turkey feather” motions turned out successful feathers.

More success and happiness comes
if each turkey feather stoke has a consistent flow of chocolate.
Air bubbles lead to broken feathers and mad bakers.
We don’t want that!

Cool in fridge 5 minutes but it’s ok if they are forgotten for awhile too.

Carefully remove chocolate feathers from silpat with a flat spatula.

Chocolate feathers do not have to be perfect.
They naturally will look cute and each will have it’s own personality!
Beware, some will break.
Some can be salvaged by sticking further into frosting.
Make a couple extra to be safe.
Trust me, this will lead to a happier baker.

Add chocolate feathers onto top of frosting swirl.
Add a Hersey Kiss (Caramel Hersey Kiss to be different) in front of chocolate feathers.
If you run out of Hersey Kisses, improvising with a candy melt works really well too!

To save you a trip to the grocery store,
I used 3 cans of frosting to cover 24 cupcakes using the large frosting swirl.

To make this less daunting – really this just one more step than making your regular cupcakes -the chocolate embellishment only required 15 minutes of my time away from the computer.

If you want to see how Betty Crocker made hers, click here.

Loved by the kids…
Loved by the crowd…
Loved by the bake sale…
Loved by the Thanksgiving Day table…
Loved everyday…

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