Elf On The Shelf Series | Red Carpet Grand Entrance

Here’s a preview of how our Elf, Buddy, is going to make his Grand Entrance this year….Red Carpet Style! Buddy’s debut is about a week away.

Stay tuned for the action, fun, adventure, thrills, excitement, hullabaloo, warmth, wildness, kindness, and one of a kind antics that you can re-create at home! Did I mention…I LOVE being a mom!!!

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some fun for your Elf to capture, take a look at my list of 101 Elf On The Shelf Ideas.

Here’s another cute idea for your Elf’s Grand Entrance…A North Pole Breakfast. Super cute! See how our Elf arrived our first year – Delivery from the North Pole.


  1. This is awesome!!! :)

    Lina @ Fancy Frugal Life

  2. Ashley Martin says:

    Wow, wow, wow!

  3. Our Elfie also made his grande entrance like this, thanks to you! It was really simple. We used a piece of material that I already had leftover from a Halloween costume. It made such an impact and took little effort. I love it!

  4. If you people have this much time and resources on your hands, maybe you should do something more productive with your life like helping the needy.

    • Amen. Having your ELF do some good deeds, or skipping the elf would be awesome.

    • You people are so sad that there cannot be creative joy and community service in a child’s life! Do you think that Christ had no joy or fun? My girls enjoy both sides of Christianity! We have the fun of looking for our two elves as well as planning fun activities for the feeding the homeless we do twice a month. The people we see enjoy the funny cards and Halloween treat bags, etc. Do not take the joy from life!

  5. I have a couple questions:

    -How do you have time to do this with children?
    -Do you have a nanny or maid?

    Thanks for the ideas, when my children are significantly older, I believe I will have time to implement them. :D

  6. Our kids love our elf too! We didnt buy the kit, because my mom had 3 elves that she’s had for a long time that she gave my sgblinis and I for our families! Our own elf will be making his appearance tomorrow!

  7. I’m agreeing w/ Becky. If you have that much time and effort to spend on a silly Elf.. maybe you should help those who really need it.

    • Wow, Nicole and Becky…maybe the two of you should not be surfing the Elf Blogs and should be out doing community service. This is a Blog for moms who love doing awesome things to keep the magic of childhood alive as long as possible! It is also easier for children who believe in the magic of Santa and Christmas to understand and accept the miracle of Jesus our Savior! So please keep your negative thoughts and energy to yourself.

  8. Why would you assume we don’t help those who need it? Awful judgemental. We help the needy in many different ways with our time, talent and money. My kids used their hard earned lemonade stand profits to support our local Special Olympics this summer. Last week we collected food on a food drive throughout our neighborhood. In two weeks we are volunteering as a family at our local food bank helping sort and package up food for local families in need. We support quite a few organizations on our own as well as those through our school, church and work. I don’t need to justify my time nor my resources but let’s be clear that I am generous to my family as well as others.

  9. Danielle,
    Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and the extra special memories you are making for your children. It’s amazing that people like you share their creativity and ideas and yet ask for nothing in return. Keep sharing and thanks so much for all you do. With out fun, life would be pretty boring. Lesley

  10. Love the idea. And well said Danielle. We, like you, take time for the fun stuff for our kids at Christmas as well as get them involved in charities at this time and throughout the year. It’s terrible that some feel the need to judge others. Thanks for your ideas.

  11. People like you, who can do this, are crazy. I say that with all love and admiration, I really do(one of my dearest friends does this as well). But you’re nuts! :) Great job, BTW.

  12. its about making a family tradition with your kids, something to look forward to. My sister is going through a separation and its helping her kids (as well as herself) with a great distraction. most of these ideas take minutes in the night to create before bed. Personally I think time would be better spent not being so critical of people.

  13. It’s sad how people are so quick to be rude. They seem to have time to write nasty comments, probably just as much time as it’d take to do something ‘nice’ for one another. It seems like there are two types of people in this world. Can’t we all just be happy with each other rather than showing these type of attitudes? Remember what the season is TRULY about!

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