Elf On The Shelf Series | Special Forces: Operation North Pole

The kids were so excited to come home to Buddy who was waiting for them on the Red Carpet making his Grand Entrance! I can’t even express how excited they were! They laughed, giggled and my youngest danced in delight of his return! They are off talking to him and I am doing my best to use my ninja mom eavesdropping skills to gain some secret info. They are communicating with Santa through Buddy by the way of notes. Asking Santa if he thinks they are naughty or nice and requesting a reply. Hmm…if it is being questioned then perhaps there is an issue. just sayin’. My youngest is passing candy canes to Mrs. Claus and Santa via Buddy. So tenderly sweet.

Our house was full of coughing last night, mostly by me, so there was too much nighttime waking causing me to delay my secret mission. So I waited till after my 9 year old checked on Buddy at 2am. My painful 3am wake-up to secure Operation North Pole was worth the delight in their actions this morning. Of course, I used a photo effect on this picture to create the green “night vision.”

I am very excited to have our tradition kick off after a beautiful Thanksgiving with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins hanging out at the cottage and huntin’ camp. Little boys enjoying the woods like boys should. Getting back to nature. God blessed me with boys. I embrace it. I love it.

I hope you take pleasure this holiday season in all the joys of parenthood, such as this one, because the years are short and the memories are long. May God bless you and your families as you enter another gorgeous season!

P.S. My younger two boys are asking Santa for a Golden Retriever puppy this year. Dear Santa, please work your magic and change their minds.


  1. M. Walters says:

    May I recommend MAGRR.org Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue – the best dogs around! Save a Golden – the best way to be green!

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