Elf On The Shelf Series | Candy Cane Ice Skating

If you’re up for a little challenge, consider having your Elf Candy Cane Ice Skate on an ice filled pie dish. It takes a little prep time to freeze the water; however, getting his candy cane skates to stay in position is the challenge. I managed to get ours to work but if you are having difficulty then just set the candy cane skates on the surface in front of him instead of on the ice.

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  1. Caleb Matthew C Williams says:

    Sweetie… love that you are “one of those” moms… I always wanted “one of those” when I was a child… However, being a stay at home dad I must say I admire you, and the adderall and vodka isn’t having the same effect on me; but it does give me a sense of humor… Maybe you need to up the adderall, or the vodka, or maybe both! Learn to laugh at yourself, afterall, the rest of the world is laughing at you, and you might as well join in!

  2. As “one of those moms,” thank you for the fun idea. My children LOVE all the silly things our elf does, and I appreciate the new material. I can’t believe how rude the previous poster was to you. Apparently his mom also never taught him that if he can’t say anything nice, he should shut his trap.

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