Giveaway: I Caught Santa Image. 5 Winners! {Closed}

I’m excited to spread Holiday cheer! I Caught Santa is a unique website that helps parents create proof that Santa is real. I hope you join me in my excitement to “catch” Santa in your house!

For those who would like to keep the belief alive and well or at least stretched out a little longer, will be very pleased to learn how to obtain photographic evidence of the big guy in your home. It will be priceless to watch your child’s face fill with wonder, delight and surprise when they find a picture of Santa in front of their tree or fireplace!

This picture will be left for my children on Christmas morning with a note from Santa and Buddy, our Elf On The Shelf.


Creating your own picture is a simple process. It took me five minutes to create this picture of him enjoying our cookies and milk. Just take a picture of the spot you want Santa to be shown in, then upload it to the site. I made sure our fireplace doors were open as it always is on Christmas morning.

Then select a Santa to use from the 20 available poses. You can really make it look authentic if you work with the tools to rotate, size flip and brighten. You can also choose from several border styles to jazz it up.

Once you confirm your digital image, payment is made, then you will be able to download the image to your computer to print, email or share via facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. The image you download is the product that you are purchasing. They do not send you a photo.

Read the last two paragraphs from my post last year, Buddy’s Final Seven Days At Our Home, to see how our Elf On The Shelf and I Caught Santa warmed our family on Christmas morning! Plus you’ll see our I Caught Santa image from last year!

Get Your Own Photo

iphone App: Click here for the details and a great demo!

Buy It: Catch A Character photos are $9.99 each (no shipping cost since it’s a digital product!).

Groupon: $10 for Four Custom Images and One Video of Santa ($24.98 Value)

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A special thank you to for providing me this product to facilitate my candid review as well as offering a magnificent giveaway for my readers. These are my own opinions and experience which are not swayed by product received, your opinion may vary. No other compensation received.


  1. Spending it with my family.

  2. Spending an entire day baking with family.

  3. lounging around all day with the family

  4. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?:
    My oldest son is 5 this Christmas (my youngest is 5 months), for the past 3 Christmas’ now he wants to help us put up the tree and decorate the house inside and out. I love having him help, it’s something I always enjoyed doing when I was growing up and I’m glad he loves it, too :)

  5. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?:
    We do not have a Buddy Elf, we have Jingle, Tingle & Tiny Kringle elves(totally ripped from the stop animation “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” special). On the last night of November we drag out the tiny stockings (they are like 3 inches tall) and affix them to the mantel (this year we used little buckets….SO much easier than stuffing those little stockings) and everyone sleeps under the Christmas tree lights. The first morning of December EVERYONE gets a treat, even though my boys are 16 1/2 & 13, my 7 yo daughter still believes, so her brothers benefit lol. After that, if they have had a bad behavior day they get a teeny tiny (think 4-6 pt font) rolled up letter encouraging them to do better that day. If they have had a really good day behavior-wise, they get a small treat (think advent size…25-50 cent…at most $1). On Christmas Eve night, no matter how good/bad the day has been, the elves leave whatever is left from the “stash” in and around the little stockings. Our elves are never seen and only rarely “heard” (like when little ones wake up while the big elf is trying to set the scene…then it is “We heard something and were coming in to see what the noise was! It must have been Tiny or Jingle or Tingle!”) Instead of reporting to Santa nightly, they kinda are in charge of encouraging good behavior to help keep the kids off the naughty list.
    ANYWAY, sorry for the novel, that is my favorite Christmas tradition…
    That and the tradition from the past 3 yrs where my oldest son & his best friend James set up our artificial tree for me…I detest setting it up! That way I get to just decorate it ;) Having teenagers isn’t always such a bad thing ;)

  6. My kids and I bake Santa-shaped bread for friends and teachers, and one for ourselves to enjoy on Christmas.

  7. Marcia Frances says:

    Our favorite tradition is going to a movie with friends Christmas evening!

  8. Decorating the tree with christmas music in the background

  9. Amanda Bonivert says:

    We always wake up Christmas Eve morning and make cookies for Santa.

  10. Can’t say we have a tradition, but i try to do Christmasy things int he weeks leading up to Christmas, like looking at houses with Christmas lights, Christmas parties, visit Santa, crafts, etc.

  11. We have numerous Christmas traditions but my favorite is driving through Boston on our way home from visiting with extended family. We always take the same route — with specific landmarks with stunning light displays.

  12. HeatherWilliams says:

    Spending relaxing time all together…instead of always running in fifty directions!

  13. Spending time with family. Watch the kids on CHRIStmas morning.

  14. Awesome thanks for picking me as the winner. My Kid will be delighted!!!