Elf On The Shelf Series | Slumber Party Games: Sock Tug-O-War

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  1. My daughter is going to love this one!!! Elf & Friends Slumber Parties coming our way! Thank you!

  2. This is great! Keep posting pics. I love your blog!!!

  3. I love your ideas! Check out what mischief our elf, Manny has been causing. Merry Christmas! http://my-scraps-of-life.blogspot.com/2011/12/elf-on-shelf.html

  4. Hey Danielle,
    Just wanted to chime in and say I can’t believe how Jenn tore your list apart on her blog…it’s one thing to make her point like she did, but to specifically call one person out like she did was just unbelievable!!! Anyway, seems like you haven’t slowed down a bit, which is great to see! :)
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Hi Danielle! Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy reading your blog and checking out all of your cute pictures. I’m sorry some angry grinch bully mom decided to single you out on her blog. Sounds like she has “envy” issues. Anyway, this normal, un-medicated, working, elf on the shelf mommy has got your back! Merry Christmas!

  6. Leslie Bowden Nack says:

    I think your ideas are so great and help moms that want to go all out for Christmas memories. Keep having and creating fun in your home!

  7. I can’t agree more with Pam’s comment! I wish you would keep going on theists!

  8. Don’t let disgruntled, over opinionated, bullies bring you down. Making great memories for your kids is never a bad thing!

  9. I am glad your posts are back up, and I hope you continue posting ideas and having fun with this! You are a great mom and very creative!

  10. This whole Elf on a shelf thing is comical ! Jenn’s blog was hilarious and 100% true! Couldn’t have agreed more! It amazes me the time people have on their hands to do all of these bizarre things with their elf(which by the way is a doll). But hey, if you and other Mommies like making extra messes for yourself to clean up, keep going at it!

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