Leg Lamp Cupcakes

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When I saw these fun Leg Lamp Cupcakes from The Party Animal, I knew these would be the perfect substitution to our holiday baking plan. A Christmas Story is a favorite in our house! I usually spend an entire day with the kids baking goodies but this year we only have one full day of vacation before Christmas Eve so I shortened our baking plan.

We worked on our gingerbread house…

We will not be receiving any awards for our architecture!

Then we baked cupcakes and embellished them with the FREE printable from
The Party Animal.
The kids baked the cupcakes, I cut and assembled the printables and they topped off each cupcake with Leg Lamps. I think they will remember our baking day, shortened and all, even more so!

Get your own Christmas Story Merchandise here!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season!

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