Ham Fried Rice

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This is a wonderful versatile meal full of leftovers
but it requires a little planning for a quick throw together!

2 cups ham, cut into cubes (store bought cubed ham works in a pinch)
5-8 scrambled eggs, seasoned w/ salt & pepper
2 cups cooked carrots, sliced
3 cups day old rice
Soy sauce
2 TBSP Olive oil

Following a big ham dinner, we eat Ham Fried Rice and Scalloped Potatoes with Ham to finish up leftovers that week. Ham Fried Rice is a big hit with my kids and I love it because it is a simple dish to prepare. The night before, I cook 3 cups of white rice in my rice cooker. If you haven’t invested in a rice cooker, I highly recommend it. Rice is perfect every time, never burnt, and it allows you to walk away and forget about it — my kind of cooking. Store the finished rice in the refrigerator overnight or until needed in a seal tight container. Day old rice is required for this recipe so it is not sticky during preparation.

The next morning I prepare an extra large batch of 10-16 scrambled eggs for breakfast, reserving 5-8 for dinner. My kids really love eggs so we generously add extra to our liking.

At dinner time, I just have to throw in my olive oil, day old rice, cubed ham, and scrambled eggs into my wok. My Cookplus Vitamin Wok is from LocknLock. It is a perfect solution to heating up this dish quickly and efficiently. The handle doesn’t get hot and the extra deep sides fit this dish perfect as it requires quite a bit of stirring.

While I break up the rice with a bamboo spatula and stir the ingredients together, I boil my carrots until tender, slice and add to the dish. Lastly, I add soy sauce to our liking, never measuring. I usually can tell by the color if I’ve added enough. Heat on med until warm all the way through, stirring to avoid burning.

Ham Fried Rice is great for lunch or dinner and serves well for more leftovers. When my kids were toddlers they really enjoyed exercising their pinching skills to pick up each individual piece of food. Check with your pediatrician regarding what age to introduce eggs to your child.

Note: Chicken can be substituted for ham. This dish is so versatile that anything can be added to fit your family’s liking.

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