Minny’s Chocolate Pie (Our Version)

My son and I had so much fun whipping up our version of Minny’s Famous Chocolate Pie in honor of the movie The Help being nominated for an Oscar Award. My kids don’t care about the awards. They are just excited to make a “poop pie” with the best ingredients! You will appreciate this reference if you read the book or saw the movie!

We didn’t have enough time or patience to make the actual recipe here, so we improvised and made a crust less instant pudding pie. (a.k.a. instant pudding in a pie dish). It only took 5 minutes to create from the box! However, the best part is all of the giggles on deciding who is going to take the first bite. Potty humor at its best!

Now, they cannot wait to show up to the next family function with a chocolate pie in hand because that’s how we roll! I am considering this pie to be an April 1st dessert contender!

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  1. What a fun project with the kids. When we made the pie I had to promise to everyone it did NOT have the secret ingredient, lol!!

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