Road Trip Photo Challenge

We take road trips to grandma and grandpa’s cottage, frequently. Pinch me, I can’t wait to endure the four hour car ride, screaming, fighting and whining over electronics, starvation and potty breaks.

I have them pack their own car bags to keep busy so I can pleasantly sleep most of the way in peace. Dad deals with the road idiots while I nod off in between repetitive nuisances from the backseat. The beauty of a large minivan is that I really can’t hear, “he’s touching me” or “I’m starving” because that would require an intercom to hear over the roar of the engine, a/c and dad’s occasional bleep.

The car bags are designed to keep them busy, reduce fighting and let me travel in peace. That would happen if the bags were actually filled with anything that can be used during the car ride.

It kills me at what the kids choose to bring. They insist on traveling with all of their worldly possessions. It will only be a couple of days until they are reunited with their junk. If mine could stuff every single thing from his room into his bag, he would. Most of it isn’t even car worthy. Finger football, googly eyes, a spoon, bouncy balls, one Walkie Talkie…so car friendly! Here’s the visual.

Packing light is not a generic gene they carry. The worst part is 90% of it never gets any attention. Just knowing it’s along for the ride is comfort enough. I suppose.

Let’s not have the fun stop at my kid’s road trip bag. Let’s see what your kids bring on their road trips.

Take a picture of your child’s car bag on their next road trip and upload it to my Facebook page. It will be fun to see what they feel is important on their next trip! After all, we all need a good laugh.

Did you miss the opportunity to take a photo? Leave a comment telling us what they brought instead.


  1. My kids are definitely car warriors. After yearly trips to the east coast, average of 15 hours each way within a week over the last 15 years, I think we have simplified it. Each brings a hand held game, 3 movies, and 2 Sterlite containers of legos. This year the lego creations won out. They spent hours creating working pop machines, safes, and gum ball machines and pinball games.
    Thanks for always bringing out the creative family fun through your site. keep up the good work.

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