Road Tripping From The Minivan

Yesterday, I shared my DIY Applesauce Freezee Pops with you which are a big hit with the kids. Today, I’m sharing another fun way we eat on the road from our minivan. I prepare our own travel snack cups for road tripping without the mess.

Using clear plastic cups I filled them with Marshmallow Popcorn, Pistachio Bread, Frosted Flakes and Frosted Mini Wheats (eaten dry or with milk).

Fill each cup proportionally, include an eating utensil inside, cover with a Food and Bread Bag and secure with a rubber band.

They are easy to transport and eat out of without a mess (most of the time). At about five years old, I started allowing my kids to eat cereal with milk (brave mom) during road trips. I found if I put the cereal in a tall plastic cup that it was easier for them to eat and way more fun. I started with just a little cereal and milk in their cups to make sure they could handle it because you know how horrible spilled milk can stink up a car {grossness}. If you are too nervous to try this while driving, then serve it up during a pit stop.

Let’s face it; if your husband is anything like mine, he avoids stopping at all costs. One pit stop costs him at least 45 minutes of valuable drive time and then we have to re-pass all the idiots on the road once again when we meet up with them a second time. I just look a-way. We’ve done countless four hour drives to the cottage without stopping now that the kids are getting older {no diaper changes} and wiser {pee twice before you leave} because they have our travel snack cups to eat out of.

This is such a great frugal way to avoid purchasing cereal cups at the store and a solution to eating on the road, in hotel rooms, or camping. Another great suggestion when your pantry is low or you find yourself out of bread is to include the cereal cups in your child’s lunch. They can purchase milk at school to complete. We’ve all been there!

Leave me a comment telling me what you fill your travel snack cups with for your family.

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