Simply Suzanne’s Apple Rosemary Pecan Mixed Greens Salad

Our family enjoys granola as a breakfast cereal or as a garnish in our yogurt but because all granolas taste pretty much the same to me, I’ve never been brand loyal.

Until I was introduced to Simply Suzanne Granola, a Michigan based company, that I read about on Positive Detroit. I was really inspired by Suzanne’s story and her line of all-natural granola products that I made a special trip to my local Meijer to try some.

To my surprise, it’s what every other shopper was doing as well because the product was flying off the shelves. A true sign of a delicious, high-quality product with a perfect price point!

They offer six flavors, a little something for everyone. This recipe calls for Apple Rosemary Pecan Granola Trail Mix.

The Apple Rosemary Pecan trail mix is a dried fruit and nut combination that adds an easy yet sophisticated twist to the traditional mixed greens salad.

8 cups mixed greens
1 cup Simply Suzanne Live Simply Apple Rosemary Pecan granola trail mix, to taste
8 tablespoons blue cheese, crumbled to taste (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste
Your favorite vinaigrette or salad dressing

1. Place the mixed greens in a bowl or dish. Add salt and pepper to greens and toss.
2. Add one cup of the Apple Rosemary Pecan granola trail mix to the mixed greens.
3. Add blue cheese crumbles (optional). Add vinaigrette. Toss lightly and serve.

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 6 generously

I substituted Amish cheese curds for blue cheese which was purchased as a gift from a Michigan Amish Farm.

My family enjoyed enhancing their salads. The granola trail mix provides just the right fruit and nut blend to satisfy our palates. They even added the salad to our meal plan later this month!

I love knowing that all of the flavors are all-natural and made without preservatives, artificial flavors, trans fat, cholesterol and high fructose corn syrup.

I am now brand loyal to Simply Suzanne because of its mouth-watering goodness and the all-natural bonus to our family! Once you try it you will never settle for another brand of granola!! I LOVE that she also has other A-MAZ-HING recipes on her website because granola is not just for breakfast anymore!

I also made Simply Suzanne’s Original Chicken Tenders and Simply Suzanne’s Lotsa Chocolate Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies. I highly suggest you pin all three of these recipes to try for your family.

Finally, I couldn’t stop telling my girlfriends about this line of granola products and when one of my girlfriends was recovering from surgery, I came bearing two of these dishes for dinner for her family, as well as, this fun ‘Get Well Soon’ gift that I incorporated the Original flavor granola into. The granola is secured with two skewers taped to the back of the package.

Simply Suzanne Granola is name you will want to remember! This Michigan based company is making its mark here and in the surrounding areas and after showing you this simple and delicious recipe, I hope you will visit Simply Suzanne to locate a retailer near you or to place an order directly from her site.

I was provided with a bag of Simply Suzanne Live Simply Apple Rosemary Pecan granola trail mix {thank you, thank you} to make this recipe but all opinions are my own.

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