3 Custom Handwritten Letters from Santa Claus {Giveaway}

Emerging school rumors about whether or not Santa exists can cause skepticism among grade schoolers. Is your child on the threshold of losing the magic of Christmas?

Whether this may be your situation or you just want to enhance your child’s or grandchild’s magic of Santa, you will love this giveaway!

Meg from Branded Eclipse Etsy Shop is generously giving 3 handwritten, custom letters from Santa Claus to my readers.

Your custom letter is handwritten in silver or gold ink on stationary “From the Desk of Santa Claus”. It is customized to your child to create an authentic look for the full Santa experience.

I love that these letters are not computer generated form letters. The letter contains specific details about your child that you provide.

The letter is addressed to your child and sealed with a ribbon seal and has a faux-North Pole postmark and stamp. A small toy or trinket and “magic North Pole dust” is included.

For valid postage reasons, letters are mailed inside a plain brown envelope addressed to the parent. “Your Etsy Order from Branded Eclipse” is printed on the outside of the envelope, leaving you free to open this away from prying eyes.

Buyers are encouraged to include the following types of details with their order:

Child’s name and age
Any gifts requested/gifts they will be receiving (these are only hinted at, never directly promised unless you say to do so)
Examples of good behavior
Examples of poor behavior
Sibling names/ pet names
Any major events that may have happened (example: Yes, Timmy, I can certainly find your new house in Nashville. That’s such a long way from Seattle, but it’s still very nice.)
Any questions they might have for Santa (and answers you may have already given them)
Did they leave Santa or the Reindeer anything last year, and if so, what was it?
Are they going anywhere for Christmas Eve? (Ie: Sarah, don’t worry. I can still deliver gifts even if you are at your Grammy Sue’s house.)

You may specify if you would rather have the letter from “Father Christmas”, “St. Nick”, or other holiday character as well as if you’d prefer the closing of “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays”, or some other closing salutation. You may also specify print or cursive.

Please take a minute to enter my giveaway. It is fast and easy to enter using the below form. Winners will be notified via email and must redeem within 48 hours to ensure holiday delivery.
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Do me a favor and share this giveaway with your friends. There may be a child that really could benefit from a wonderful service such as this!

If you would like to place an order for a custom letter, Meg is also offering Blossom Bunkhouse readers 25% off any item in her Etsy shop which includes letters, nice certificates, cookies and posters. Use coupon code BLOSSOMH0LIDAY to redeem for the discount.


  1. I have three boys that would be sooooo excited to win these letters. I have my fingers crossed! :-)

  2. Ooops! The coupon code has an error!

    The “o” in “holiday” is supposed to a be a zero.

    : )

  3. Awesome these are fantastic….

  4. Tamara Hornsby says:

    My daughter is 9 and would be so excited if she received the letters from Santa Claus. Children are telling her that Santa isn’t real. I tell her if she keeps believing she will get her presents on Christmas.

  5. Chasity Lansdell says:

    My girls, 4 and 7, would be so surprised and excited to receive letters from Santa. Thanks!

  6. LaVonda Howard says:

    This is a great idea!! My children would be so amazed that the actual Santa Claus is sending a letter!! The Elf on a Shelf is making his debut this year, so a letter would be very fitting!!!!

  7. I am afraid my 9 yr old is holding on by a thread….I really don’t want him to spoil it for his younger brother and sister. Last year on the school bus lots of kids were telling him Santa was “just your parents”…ugh. Our kiddos sure would love this!

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