Elf on the Shelf Shrinky Dinks

I have a special affinity for the classic Shrinky Dink toy that I remember so much from my childhood. In fact, it was one of my most remembered Christmas presents next to Baby Alive and Barbie. Today, Creativity for Kids has brilliantly merged the classic Shrinky Dink with the ever popular Elf on the Shelf. Elf on the Shelf is working towards world domination so why wouldn’t he be a part of one of the best classic toys too!

There are 60 pre-cut Shrinky Dinks in Elf on the Shelf kit. Six different Elfs and a mirage of fun holiday items such as holly, ornaments, presents, toys, snowflakes to color with 10 colored pencils that are provided. Creativity for Kids is very generous providing 60 Shrinky Dinks pieces so everyone has plenty to create their own and I couldn’t be happier that there wasn’t any fighting over pieces!!

We spent two hours coloring at the kitchen table reminiscing about Christmases past as well as the fun stuff our Elf, Buddy, has done. My kid’s conversations were hilarious and reminded me how much this tradition has created joy in our home.

The Shrinky Dink directions explain how to mix color pencil colors to create different skin tones and my older child enjoyed mixing the colors to his liking and adding details such as rosy cheeks.

When it was time to shrink them, their favorite part, I helped them pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees and we baked them for two minutes. Watching their eyes in awe as they watched their colored Shrinky Dink creations morph in front of their eyes, brought back the same amazement of the product that I had as a child. The material shrinks, curls and then slowly flattens out noting it’s time to remove them from the heat and transfer to a hard surface to cool.

We baked 6 at a time and repeated the baking process 9 more times. My ten year old became confident mastering the shrinking technique and enjoyed working the pan in and out of the oven as I supervised. You don’t have to make the entire kit in one sitting like we did but my kids didn’t want to stop!

The kit also comes with its own activity scene but it’s not an ordinary cardboard scene. It has special detailed parts to be assembled and it’s a lot of fun for kids to complete. It includes a desk, fireplace mantel, window pane, curtains, and mirror. There is a fun multi-dimensional Christmas Tree to slide together. This activity set also includes 3 foam discs to make Shrinky Dink stands as well as mini round jump rings to hook the Shrinky Dink ornaments to the Christmas Tree for decoration.

It was a wonderful afternoon set-aside giving my children a piece of my childhood with a new twist on their beloved Elf.

Elf on the Shelf Shrinky Dinks would make a perfect gift from your child’s Elf on the Shelf or a perfect gift under the tree this year. Recommended for ages 7 to 97.

Elf on the Shelf Shrinky Dinks is exclusively available this holiday season at Learning Express stores.

I received this product for purposes of my review; however, all opinions are my own.


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