Elf on the Shelf | Wimpy Kid Fever

My kids have Wimpy Kid Fever so they thought it was funny finding Buddy reading a mini Wimpy Kid book that he made.


  1. My 8YO son could not wait to get this book. There’s lots of humor and interesting observations from a child’s perspective. These books are written like a diary (like the title says). There is not much of a story line. That doesn’t seem to matter. My son and his friends all think they are great. I like them because the kids enjoy them and I haven’t seen anything that is not age-appropriate in the books. The simple style they are written in also makes them appealing. The illustrations look a lot like some of the artwork my son and his friends come up with. The kids seem to really relate to these books.Your kid doesn’t have to be a “wimpy kid” to enjoy these books. I think every kid feels like a “wimpy kid” sometimes and these books bring the feelings out into the open.Great read, enjoy!

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