Fried Ice Cream Bites

Vanilla Ice Cream
Corn Flakes

Crush about 4 cups of Corn Flakes in a Ziploc Bag using a rolling pin.

Create a cinnamon/sugar mixture. I never measure, but 1/4 cup sugar to a tablespoon of cinnamon or to your liking.

Combine the cinnamon/sugar mixture with crushed Corn Flakes in a bowl.

Using a melon baller or spoon, scoop out a small amount of ice cream and drop into the bowl filled with crushed corn flakes and cinnamon/sugar mixture. Using your hands, roll the ice cream into the mixture and form into a ball. When the ice cream bite is fully covered and the shape you desire, set on a frozen cookie sheet.

Repeat as many as you like. My Fried Ice Cream Bites tend to get bigger as we go. Depending how fast the rolling process goes, I can usually get one pan almost created before the melting process begins.

Place the entire cookie sheet filled with Fried Ice Cream Bites in the freezer, making sure it lays flat.

Chill a couple of hours.

Serve immediately or eat right out of the freezer as we do!

Notice how they are not really fried! It’s super easy and kids love helping make these and I like that no hot stove is involved!

Perfect for a New Year’s Eve night in or a birthday celebration. I know of three special little ones who have a birthday celebration today! My husband’s birthday was yesterday and I always boast he is so lucky because everyone is always home and everyone is always in the celebrating mood.

Happy News Years, my friends!


  1. Awesome, this is yum! :)

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