DIY Chalkboard Paint Lamp Refashion

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I’ve looked for the perfect lamp for my son’s room but everything I found was either too mature, too sporty or too young for him. Then I found the perfect solution by transforming a girly lamp into the perfect combination of tween guy fun using black chalkboard paint!

Lamp Refashion 036 copy2
This adorable “pink” lamp, originally from Target, in my mother’s garage sale pile is the perfect size but not the right color. My son has been using the same nursery lamp since his birth so it’s way overdue for for an age appropriate lamp to complete his room.

I could have painted it with any color of regular paint but black was perfect for his room and to turn it into a chalkboard lamp is even more fun for him to personalize however he chooses as often as he chooses.


Chalkboard Paint Lamp AFTER

It required three coats of Chalkboard Paint, with a sponge brush, which dries very quickly.

The next day it was ready for a personalized chalk message.

NHL, of course! Regular white chalk is used here but I regularly use Chalk Ink.

The lamp shade, also from Target, completes the look!
Chalkboard Paint Lamp
I can also add messages to him, like this one, or he can hang notes. I wrote on a red paint chip with the White Sharpie Paint Marker we used for his cast and attached with a magnet.

Lamp Refashion 012 copy

We lucked out that the lamp post is metal. If yours isn’t, then you can prime with Magnetic Primer before Chalkboard Paint.

It fits his room and personality perfect!

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