Lemonade Day Detroit Kick-Off Event

Our family was honored to be invited to the Lemonade Day Detroit Kick-Off event earlier this month. This is our third year of participation since the event started three years ago in Detroit.

Lemonade Day Detroit 2013

Lemonade Day teaches children how to run and operate a business through setting up their own Lemonade Stand and ultimately to empower today’s youth to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. Children are encouraged to share, spend and save a little of their profits.

My children have chosen to donate to the American Cancer Society and Special Olympics in past years. They are still talking through their charity choice for this year.

The purpose of the kick-off is to help spread the word about Lemonade Day Detroit though media outlets and make the public aware of this great children’s event. They are hoping to have 7,500 stands up and running for this year’s event!

At the kick-off, my #2 was able to share his past Lemonade Day experiences with the media. I am so proud of him to accomplish this without any rehearsing. Little does he know that he is honing his public speaking skills at such a young age. This behind the scenes participation that we are blessed to be a part of is exhilarating for the kids and as a parent I feel each experience is an opportunity to practice real life skills.

It was a fun event and I am really grateful for all the people who are responsible for making this event happen. The kids are excited for Lemonade Day 2013 – June 8th!

Please consider joining us! It’s a ton of fun and simple to get started. Register here and follow these helpful steps.

Look for future blog posts showing you their award-winning lemonade stand and their recently added product line.

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