Mini S’more Grill Candle

For my son’s Boy Scout Blue & Gold Banquet, our committee wanted the boys to have a practical favor that they could use as well as keep on display to remember their Cub Scout days.

We came across this Mini S’more Grill.

It has a super coolness factor for the young boy crowd; however, for the banquet we wanted it to also be part of the decoration so instead of setting broken toothpicks on fire and actually roasting s’mores in the condiment cup, we inserted a flame-less tea light candle.
Mini S'more Grill Candle

It is the perfect solution to illuminating the head table. Afterwards, the kids can use it in their room as a night light and if they want to roast s’mores at a later time, then they have the receptacle to do so {under adult supervision, of course}!

The directions are simple. My husband and I teamed up for this project.

I purchased all of the supplies between two Home Depot stores for the hardware, our local grocery store for the cedar grilling planks, a restaurant supply store for the stainless steel condiment cups and Joann Fabrics for the tea light flame-less candles.

To make 8 grills, you need:

(2) Cedar Grilling Planks (14 inches x 5.75 inches) – Sold in a pack of two at local grocery store in the grilling section. One plank provides four grills.
(32) Bolts – 1/4 inch and 2.25 inches tall – Local hardware store
(32) Nuts – 1/4 inch – Local hardware store
(8) 1.5oz Stainless Steel Condiment Cup – Local restaurant supply store
(8) Flame-less tea light candles – Jo-Ann Fabrics

(1) Drill
(1) 2 and 1/4 inch drill bit
(1) 1/4 inch drill bit
(1) Saw or table saw

This is adapted from the original parts list (our grill is shorter and the condiment cup & hole is smaller) but we still followed the directions which were very helpful. He gives great tips on drilling and safety guidelines if you do decide to burn in the condiment cup – worth the read!

All of the pieces were bagged for each boy and tied with a decorative tag to complete the favor.

Mini S'more Grill Candle Favor

When the kids arrived at the banquet, they built their Mini S’more Grill Candle and set it up. We did not include directions. They are boys and directions wouldn’t have been read {lol}. It was a great way to keep the boys busy while waiting for their food.

Stay tuned for a follow-up post showing the Mini S’more Grill Candles decorating the head table at our Blue and Gold Banquet and the large family S’more Grill Candle we created for our leader.

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