Re-Purposed Italian Glass Water Bottles

I tagged along with my husband on a business trip {without kiddos} to Italy last summer. It was extraordinary and beyond words plus it happened over my 40th birthday. Let’s face it the hubs felt extremely guilty that that he wouldn’t be with me to celebrate my milestone day and felt this was the only way he could live this down; however, he will tell you that I ran like hell to avoid the 40th party pressure. Whatever, I think it was an easy way for him to not have to think of a gift for me as the airfare was more than he would spend on me in a generation of birthdays.

Once there we never saw each other. Something about being there to work extremely long days and lots to accomplish in a short time. I was happy navigating the city with another wife and thoroughly enjoyed our girly adventures together.

Apparently, I should have brought money already exchanged. Hubs easily withdraws euros on a corporate card. My personal credit card blocked all international withdrawals. WTF! I thought we covered everything and after all hubs is an experienced traveler.

Girl with no cash.

Plan B. Exchange dollars for euros at the bank. Hotel directed us to nearest location. That proved to be an adventure itself as we couldn’t figure out how to enter their bank doors {one person at a time} nor read the instruction on it. Seriously, Detroit needs banks like these! Safest banks everah! Three banks denied me, most “pretending” they don’t understand English but this didn’t surprise me as I knew no one wanted to bother with the money exchange, but at the end of day one I was still girl with no cash. My friend loaned me euros and I used credit (yay, that worked) when I could.

That night, hubs got an ear full and handed over all his euros. No sympathy from him. He doesn’t believe my story. It appears that businessmen, at least mine, don’t run into these complications. At least the transportation system in Italy was easy to navigate because we didn’t have a car either.

Apparently, I shouldn’t have had so much faith in my Blackberry too. My original Blackberry didn’t have international capability so I rented a temp one cause no one wants to be on international ground without access to a phone, right? That would be pure stupidity. Over two hours setting it up with customer service and I was good to go. NOT. Girl without cash is also girl without phone in Italy. WTF. Blackberry made it up to me back on home soil but I won’t ever own a Blackberry again. I was able to Facetime the kids from the hotel to connect daily with them.

Least, I was not lost and had plenty of pizza choices. Pizza dough balls were one of my sinful indulgences that I am still craving.

We had to purchase water in glass bottles and quickly learned that we should ask for natural or still aqua as the other choice is fizzy aqua which I could not drink {I hear that’s an acquired taste and my palate will never get accustomed to it}.

We were also entering the town as everyone was on holiday at the sea. Where is everyone? It was also during the Summer Olympics and it was very difficult getting a plane ticket to Europe because everyone wanted to be there so I expected lots and lots of people, even though it wasn’t being hosted in Italy. We did see community viewings of soccer games so that was cool. However, our town area was basically shut down so when we found water we bought it. I had a few glass water bottles that I smuggled back.

Hubs was dying that I was packing them. I assured him that I’d find a use for them such as vases or something.

He’d have them recycled if I didn’t hide them when I got home. Needless to say, this girl didn’t really buy many souvenirs over there, except for wine, of course! My all time favorite dessert wine is Brachetto D’Acqui. That was plenty for me plus a few other practical things {Pandora charm, scarf, soap, kids gifts} and the glass water bottles.

So I decided that I need the water bottles out all the time to remind me of the adventures and good times in Italy. This is how I decided to re-purpose my vaca memories into my everyday life…

Repurposed Italian Glass Water Bottles
The pumps are from used Philosophy lotion bottles but also can be purchased here.

This is how they came…
Always, next to a glass of wine ;)

If I was smart, I would have re-purposed the wine bottles instead. They have many more memories!!

…and yes, we finally did make it to the sea. Everyone was here and I can see why!
The views were gorgeous. The people were very hospitable and gracious. Hopefully, I’ll be back again someday.



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