Kindergarten Teacher Gift from the Class

Teacher GiftVolunteering in my son’s kindergarten classroom last year allowed me a little insight into a kindergarten teacher’s world even if it is only for 50 minutes a week. Thank God it was only 50 minutes a week! Those little people are sweetly exhausting! The time it takes a teacher to manage 25 coats, hats, gloves, boots, lunchboxes, snacks, water bottles, folders, books, homework, notes, take attendance, tally lunch counts, and address the gazillion questions and incidental issues all in the first 15 minutes of the day is an amazing feat! That is like being a mom with 25 kids!!

I watched in awe as she demonstrated compassion, patience, kindheartedness, encouragement, effective discipline and the ability to teach creatively to her young class. She did it minute after minute with grace. Staying on schedule was very important and it clearly showed that each day was well planned with a lot of thought behind it.

Her class was so lucky to have her as their teacher as she went above and beyond for them! Of course, she taught them how to read, write, count, share, and all the other requirements but she also introduced foreign languages and basic algebra.

She made the biggest impression on my son when she drove 45 minutes {one way} on a weekend, to see his hockey game. He will never forget that and I will never forget her dedication!

I have so much appreciation for teachers but being present to see the love and care that goes into the profession from teachers like her was a privilege for me to be able to volunteer.

So when the end of the year came, I knew that I wanted her to have something really special from her kids with my help facilitating it. I wanted it to include each child’s name personally hand-written and I wanted simple.

I came up with this beautiful initial décor handmade by the kindergarteners.
Teacher Gift

I purchased the initial from Michaels for $3.99. However, I went back months later to find the same initial for my home and noticed that I wasn’t able to find the exact initial as their merchandise turns over quickly but they offer many comparable options that will work.

I had special permission from the school to complete the project during the children’s recess time so their teacher didn’t see what they made her. Of course, the kids had a hard time keeping it a secret but she still loved it just as much!

As kids crowded around me to find out about the project, I assembled them into a line and explained how I needed them to write their name.

Using a Sharpie Paint Marker (white extra fine tip) {I brought two markers for “insurance” but remarkably the kids handled the marker without issues and I only needed the one}, I explained that they could not push down on the tip and that they needed to write with the marker straight up {no angled writing} or it would not work.

I preloaded the marker by pushing down on it once on a brown paper bag before each child wrote their name so they had enough paint on the tip. I also explained that they needed to try to keep their letters small so their friends had room for their name too – they did such a good job!

I brought wipes in case a puddle of paint released {I was a little nervous with the paint pen} but it wasn’t necessary.

It took me two recesses to complete the project so if you are planning to do something similar, I would advise not waiting until the last minute. I’m am not a teacher and determining the amount of time needed to complete this {and account for absent students} was something I couldn’t judge. Twenty minutes flies by!

Teacher Gift
Didn’t their little names turn out so sweet? I think they are precious.

I hot glued on a nice ribbon tied into a bow at the top and included the date on the back with a nice thank you message.

The kids LOVED giving it to her and she teared up receiving something so thoughtful and sweet! Such a simple way to express our thanks!

Do you have a special teacher in your child’s life? Make a comment telling me about their special qualities or tell me how you show your appreciation to a teacher.

BTW, if you ever need a self-esteem boost, volunteer in a young classroom because in the short time I was there I heard comments such as: “you’re nice,” “you’re hair is pretty,” “you’re pretty,” and “I like your shirt!” I came out of that class feeling pretty darn good about myself {lol}!

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  1. What a great teacher’s gift! Kudos to your extra effort!

  2. Totally copied this. I went in during the kids lunch break. After they sat down I explained the project to the clae. They stayee in their eeats and I brought the pen and letter around the table to each child. It took less than 15 minutes. I did the whole project in one day. I painted the letter with quifk dry spray paint (3 coats) before lunch on the same day. Cwme home hot tlued a burlap ribbon and was done. Thanks this was great!!

  3. Thank-you for sharing such a cute gift idea! I was wondering what kind of paint you used to paint the base color of the letter? PS – your last comment about the self esteem boost is so true… made me lol! I also volunteer regularly in my son’s kindergarten class and the kids are so funny and sweet. I always feel like a rockstar at the end of the day! :)

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks Shannon! The letter came painted black already so I didn’t need to prep it but the Sharpie website states: Permanent oil-based paint marker. Marks opaque and glossy on light and dark surfaces. Use on virtually any surface: metal, pottery, wood, rubber, glass, plastic, stone, and more – Quick-drying. Resistant to water, fading, and abrasion. Available in 8 vibrant colors for light and dark surfaces, AP Certified, Xylene free.

      I hope that helps! Yes, the little ones have a way of making us feel like rockstars don’t they. Have a great day!

  4. Heather Prough says:

    Totally love this but I put my own spin on it. I painted the edges of the wood letter black and then I painted glue all over the letter and laid a piece of black cardstock on it and put something heavy on top. When dry I used an xacto knife to trim the paper around the letter. I had the kids sign the letter with a white colored pencil and attached a ribbon that looked like a ruler. Totally cute!

  5. Why the letter b

  6. Any tip on how to hot glue satin ribbon to the back of the letter? I haven’t glued ribbons to wood before and want to make sure I do it properly so that it stays put when the letter is hung up. Thanks!

    • I used two quarter size dabs on each side of the ribbon for this project because I had pretty wide ribbon. Just press the ribbon on the hot glue and hold for 30 seconds or so. It adheres pretty quick but leave it dry for a couple of hours before hanging. It’s ok if excess glue spills out from the edges of the ribbon. Sometimes the excess glue will peel off nicely when it’s dry or you can just leave it. Once your ribbon is attached and you don’t feel their is enough glue, you can always lift up the ribbon and add more. This wooden letter was pretty light so you’ll need to take into account how heavy your piece is to determine how much gluing is required.

  7. I’m not crafty so I’m loving ur ideas. This letter is awesome! Myself and another room mom are going to try this craft this week. My concern was finding white marker or chalkboard marker. The other room mom said they have white permanent chalk board marker. We were going to try that out and see if it works :) if not we will try to have the paint marker for back up :) hope michaels has the black letter already!
    Thanks for amazing ideas!!

  8. I totaly stole you idea and it came out


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