Teacher Appreciation Gift ~ Paper Clips Dressed Up

Paper Clips Dressed Up - Teacher Appreciation
My children’s elementary school PTO supports our teachers with Teacher Appreciation Week. I love to recognize our teachers but believe me, they don’t always receive something during Teacher Appreciation Week because life gets away from me sometimes. I choose not to feel any guilt. Instead, I just make sure they know that they are appreciated even with a simple encouraging email whenever I can send it or something as simple as a hand drawn picture drawn by my son.

I know my son’s teacher doesn’t eat sweets so I asked him what he thinks she needed. His response was clear and firm – PAPER CLIPS. What? Yes, he says she needs paper clips because she doesn’t have many and she uses like a 20 a day. I figured that supplies are always needed especially at our school which is struggling with budget cuts. Besides, he is with her all day and who am I to challenge his answer. He is confident he knows.

Paper clips it is. If I didn’t have a trip to the store planned, he would have been good with rounding up all the paper clips from around the house and giving them to her in a baggie but he really enjoyed picking out this tub of 1000 paper clips from Wal-Mart for $5.99.

Paper Clips Dressed Uo Collage

I thought about just tying a nice bow around the container and having him hand write a tag but I didn’t have any great bows around the house and I wasn’t purchasing one or going back to the store.

Instead, I used left-over scraps of material {it came layered – no sewing required} and scrapbook paper to create this look.
Paper Clips Dressed Up - Teacher AppreciationIt is really quick and simple. I just measured the fabric to fit the width of the container and hot-glued it around the top rim making sure not to position it too high up so the lid doesn’t secure.

I cut a circle from scrapbook paper to cover up the original label and tied a scrap piece of fabric into a knot {twice for bulk}. The paper is glued on with a glue stick and the knot is glued on with hot glue.
Paper Clips - Teacher Appreciation 2

Simple and quick.

Now she will have something beautiful on her desk that is also functional.

I don’t think she’ll need paper clips for awhile ;)
Paper Clips Dressed Up Collage 2

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