Elf on the Shelf | Mini Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Elf on the Shelf season 2013 is officially on!

It’s another year of trying to make funny in the house and keep the fun spirit alive.

My kid kind of led this antic on his own by leaving a custom size Rainbow Loom bracelet for Buddy. You know the Rainbow Loom bracelets are all the rage. If you’ve caved into the marketing and bought the latest fad (going on four months over here) then you certainly have rubber bands in the house or can’t believe that you have scoured the internet looking for freakin rubber bands cause they will make excellent stocking stuffers.

So with the lead from my kid, Buddy proudly showed off his new mini Rainbow Loom bracelet, wore a bunch of bands and decorated the tree with his bracelet collection. Huge hit with the 7 year old crowd.
Elf 1
elf 3Do yourself a favor. If you don’t have this latest craze, go buy it. It will provide hours and hours of quiet entertainment and give you a huge break. I’ll do anything to help out a fellow mom, wink. Just don’t get too bent over rubber bands that go MIA around the house cause it will happen. I warn you though, stock up on rubber bands when you find them.

My adorable note came from the DandeAve Etsy Shop. elf 2

I know everyone needs more ideas for their Elf. So head on over to her shop to see a huge collection of printable notes and jokes to complement your Elf. il_570xN.527627223_f146You’ll even find a scavenger hunt – so fun! These printables are a great way to help stretch your creativity with your Elf especially when you feel like you’ve run out ideas. It will help making moving your elf around a little more exciting and you’ll feel accomplished all with less work. Plus you gotta love it’s an instant download!

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  1. I love the Rainbow Loom. We are totally addicted in our house. I haven’t seen anyone make a bracelet for the Elf yet, though. I could actually do that one. Might do it tonight and surprise the kids in the morning.

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