DIY Crayon Sticks

Hi Friends,

I hope you’re having a great day! Getting ready for the new school year requires moving out the old and in with the new, crayons, that is. We have a lot of crayons that need to be retired to the recycled crayon bin. Here’s how we have recycled them into fun DIY Crayon Sticks with custom colors.

*To melt the crayons, carefully cut the top off of an aluminum pop can, avoiding any finger cuts and place the crayons inside of the can. Again, carefully, hold the tip of the side of the can in a pan of boiling water. The crayons melt very quickly. Pour the hot wax into an empty glue stick that has been turned all the way down.

I like this stove top method because there is no clean up – just toss the can. These were fun to make!

Here’s another way to recycle two glue sticks for a DIY Jet Pack for your Elf on the Shelf. Enjoy!


  1. Great idea to re-purpose glue stick tubes.

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