Fore You Shot Basket {Free Printable}

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Hi Everyone, Today I'm sharing a simple raffle basket that can be put together quickly. As my boys are heavily involved in athletics, this basket is created in mind for an adult golf outing fundraiser that we are participating in; however, it can be designated for a Father's Day gift or … [Read more...]

Fried Ice Cream Bites

Fried Ice Cream Bites

Ingredients: Vanilla Ice Cream Corn Flakes Cinnamon Sugar Crush about 4 cups of Corn Flakes in a Ziploc Bag using a rolling pin. Create a cinnamon/sugar mixture. I never measure, but 1/4 cup sugar to a tablespoon of cinnamon or to your liking. Combine the cinnamon/sugar mixture with … [Read more...]

Brown Paper Bag Pistachio Cupcakes

AAA Crush Chicago Tournament 265-4

The day has come. My oldest crossed the invisible bridge from child to teen. Thirteen. I rarely say that word. I ELIMINATED it in my mom vocab. Until today. What this means? Our relationship changes. Different and new. I prefer the word revolution. We are in the beginning of a … [Read more...]

DIY Duck Brand Duct Tape Gift Bow

January 2012 207-2

Great for the top of a boy's birthday gift. It's a fun way to dress up a gift card or package. Here's how to create the fun... Duck Brand® Duct Tape is easy to apply to paper and it actually plays well if it needs to be repositioned a little. Mark off 3/4 inch for each cut. … [Read more...]

DIY Gift Bows

October 2011 117-2

Rachel from Lines Across My Face prepared a wonderful tutorial, Turn Your Toddler Scribbles into Gift Bows. My kindergartener is always busy after school creating pictures and drawings. It is his thing. So, when I found Rachel's tutorial for turning toddler scribbles into bows via Pinterest I … [Read more...]

Ding Dong on a Stick (Hockey Puck Snack)

Ding Dong on a Stick (Hockey Puck Treats)

Ding Dongs on a stick for a creative school birthday treat! My son requested Hockey Puck Cake Pops, Bakerella style, but my improvising took less time and with great results! Simple. Dip the end of a lollipop stick in melted milk chocolate, insert about 1/4 of the way into a Ding Dong. … [Read more...]