Staff Appreciation Week Bookmark {Free Printable}

Staff Appreciation Bookmark

Did Staff Appreciation Week sneak up on you? Here's a great solution to something quick and easy that you can print before school. A free printable page of four bookmarks for your child to pass out to their favorite staff members. It will put a smile on the recipient's face for sure - "I love … [Read more...]

Teacher Appreciation Gift {Free Printable}

Teacher Appreciation

I have a beautiful Snowball bush in my backyard that provides beautiful blooms just in time for Staff Appreciation Week {most years} as long as Mother Nature cooperates. Giving flowers isn't anything new but dressing up the flower presentation is really simple and thoughtful with the … [Read more...]

Teacher Appreciation Gift ~ Paper Clips Dressed Up

Paper Clips - Teacher Appreciation 2

My children's elementary school PTO supports our teachers with Teacher Appreciation Week. I love to recognize our teachers but believe me, they don't always receive something during Teacher Appreciation Week because life gets away from me sometimes. I choose not to feel any guilt. Instead, I just … [Read more...]

Kindergarten Teacher Gift from the Class

Teacher Gift

Volunteering in my son's kindergarten classroom last year allowed me a little insight into a kindergarten teacher's world even if it is only for 50 minutes a week. Thank God it was only 50 minutes a week! Those little people are sweetly exhausting! The time it takes a teacher to manage 25 coats, … [Read more...]