Fried Ice Cream Bites

Fried Ice Cream Bites

Ingredients: Vanilla Ice Cream Corn Flakes Cinnamon Sugar Crush about 4 cups of Corn Flakes in a Ziploc Bag using a rolling pin. Create a cinnamon/sugar mixture. I never measure, but 1/4 cup sugar to a tablespoon of cinnamon or to your liking. Combine the cinnamon/sugar mixture with … [Read more...]

Simply Suzanne’s Apple Rosemary Pecan Mixed Greens Salad

Get Well Soon with Simply Suzanne Granola

Our family enjoys granola as a breakfast cereal or as a garnish in our yogurt but because all granolas taste pretty much the same to me, I've never been brand loyal. Until I was introduced to Simply Suzanne Granola, a Michigan based company, that I read about on Positive Detroit. I was really … [Read more...]

Simply Suzanne’s Original Chicken Tenders

Simply Suzanne's Original Chicken Tenders

I really love all of the flavors of granola offered from Simply Suzanne, a Michigan based company, priding itself on using all-natural ingredients. Read my previous review of this yummy Simply Suzanne Apple Rosemary Pecan Mixed Greens Salad. I was hooked on Simply Suzanne after trying this … [Read more...]

Simply Suzanne’s Lotsa Chocolate Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

Simply Suzanne's Lotsa Chocolate Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

I never thought that granola could be included in a cookie recipe. I'm not sure why that never quite occurred to me, after all, we add oatmeal to cookies, right. But I also didn't know that granola could be used as a breading for chicken or on top of salad. Not any granola ~ Simply Suzanne … [Read more...]

Road Tripping From The Minivan

July 2012 100 copy

Yesterday, I shared my DIY Applesauce Freezee Pops with you which are a big hit with the kids. Today, I'm sharing another fun way we eat on the road from our minivan. I prepare our own travel snack cups for road tripping without the mess. Using clear plastic cups I filled them with … [Read more...]

DIY Applesauce Freezee Pops

July 2012 111 copy2

We traveled twelve hundred hours by car from Detroit, MI to Duluth, MN and I was really concerned that there wouldn't be many places to stop to eat driving through Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The way my kids feast non-stop I topped off our cooler with as much food and snacks to eliminate the, "I'm … [Read more...]

Brown Paper Bag Pistachio Cupcakes

AAA Crush Chicago Tournament 265-4

The day has come. My oldest crossed the invisible bridge from child to teen. Thirteen. I rarely say that word. I ELIMINATED it in my mom vocab. Until today. What this means? Our relationship changes. Different and new. I prefer the word revolution. We are in the beginning of a … [Read more...]