My Daily Checkoff List {Free Printable}

My Daily Checkoff List Empower Kids

It's back to school and time to get our mornings & bedtimes organized and running efficiently. Here's a simple list to print and put in a picture frame. This one helps empower two kids with one printable! Have your child use a dry erase marker to cross of each item as completed. Fun for them and … [Read more...]

Stay Made: The World’s Most Innovative Children’s Bedding


StayMade: Changing the world of kids bedding This post is sponsored by Staymade. I was not compensated. I only share products that I believe in and I feel my readers will benefit from. When my kids were babies, I loved choosing bedding for their crib. As they transitioned to bunk beds and … [Read more...]

Empowering Kids With “Out of the Box”Chores | Coffee Maker Aficionado

Out of the box chores

Empowering kids through chores is really good for their character and someday their spouse will thank you! My husband wishes I had childhood chores -lol! Starting kids young with chores will make the “double-digit” years easier on parents as kids know that being a part of a family means … [Read more...]