Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel Book Tour

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Tour

Married Single Mom - Husband travels. Kids run amuck. House rules out of order. Breakfast for dinner. Unmade beds. That was the definition of me last week. It was getting grueling as I had to accomplish the kids after school schedules, exclusively. Three of them; one of me. You get the … [Read more...]

Where were you on September 11, 2001?

My husband is a political guru, amateur historian and my go to man to summarize most of the world's current events, especially, back in the summer of 1999. What mother deep in feeding, changing diapers, and figuring out this mother thing has time to keep up with current events? I couldn't even … [Read more...]

Citrus Shark Lemonade Tank

Lemonade Day 2011 056-2

My kids got their hands juicy all in the name of Lemonade Day! The event, the first in our city, allowed our family to become closer in the kitchen and on the sales floor. The kids had great ideas and I had fun helping them execute their brilliance! Here is their marketing plan... Catch a wave … [Read more...]

Save the Date; Lemonade Day


I am really excited to share Lemonade Day, June 12, 2011, with you! What is Lemonade Day you ask? Only the best entrepreneurial kids event that exists, in my opinion! I live for stuff like this…read on! (Secretly, I want to be a kid again…since there are no childhood do-overs, I hope … [Read more...]