Elf On The Shelf Series | Buddy Goes Blonde

December 2011 005-2

Buddy arriving in a blonde wig, by far, has created the MOST laughs and giggles. The kids have no idea where this wig came from and that is creating some really fun conversation! With a house full of boys, there is little room for pink and pretty so I guess Buddy is on my side today. … [Read more...]

Elf On The Shelf Series | Candy Cane Ice Skating

December 2011 002-2

If you're up for a little challenge, consider having your Elf Candy Cane Ice Skate on an ice filled pie dish. It takes a little prep time to freeze the water; however, getting his candy cane skates to stay in position is the challenge. I managed to get ours to work but if you are having difficulty … [Read more...]

Elf On The Shelf Series | Cooling Off Hot Chocolate The Elf Way

December 2011 019-2

What a clown! View my original post, 101 Elf On The Shelf Ideas, for more great ideas! Pin It … [Read more...]

Elf On The Shelf Series | Mini Elf Rock Wall

December 2011 091-2

Buddy borrowed some of the boys treasured rocks that they have been squirreling away. He created a mini rock wall. I couldn't believe he stuck rocks to my wall with glue dots. And they stuck! And stayed! So did he! Wow, he is doing so much fun stuff around here. How about yours? … [Read more...]

Elf On The Shelf Series | DIY Jet Pack with a Photo Tutorial

November 2011 044-2

Buddy jet packing back from the North Pole... This idea stems from the DIY Jet Packs that I created as embellishment to my son's Halloween costumes. Thinking on a minature scale I came up with glue sticks for Jet Packs. Hope you enjoy! Pin It … [Read more...]

Elf On The Shelf Series | All The Boxers Were Hung By The Chimney With Care

November 2011 027-2

Buddy was so thoughtful today... Pin It … [Read more...]

Elf On The Shelf Series | Special Forces: Operation North Pole

November 2011 014-3

The kids were so excited to come home to Buddy who was waiting for them on the Red Carpet making his Grand Entrance! I can't even express how excited they were! They laughed, giggled and my youngest danced in delight of his return! They are off talking to him and I am doing my best to use my ninja … [Read more...]